• Printed Packing Tape

    Most people don’t put very much thought into packing tape. It is simply a product they run to the store to purchase when they need to seal some boxes to ship or to move, and there are only a few things people want from their packing tape: 1) it sticks, and 2) it is easily torn. But the truth is, ...
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  • Supply BOPP Jumbo Rolls

    BOPP Jumbo Rolls are special kinds of massive adhesive tapes as the name suggests. This special type of adhesive tapes are common in the packaging industry for applications such as sealing cartons. It is however important to note that the tapes have many other applications. The most important thi...
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  • China Manufacturer of Colored Packing Tape

    The packing tapes that are used in sealing cartons for inventory management, shipping and moving traditionally come in the standard brown or transparent color. Those packing tapes do the job, but it has been established that colored packaging tapes could make things easier. Colored packing tape h...
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  • We supply BOPP packing tape since 2003

    BOPP packing tapes are some of the most commonly used tapes in shipping and inventory management today, and with good reason. The special molecular structure and the resin stabilization of polypropylene offer excellent mechanical and optical properties, which are especially useful in a variety of...
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  • Black Spider Tape produce adhesive tape since 2003

    Adhesive tapes essentially consist of a material cut into narrow strips and coated on either one side or both with adhesive. There are numerous types of materials used, such as plastics, textiles, different types of papers, or metal sheets, such as aluminum. Also, adhesive tapes are available in ...
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  • Black Spider Tape at 2019 Shanghai SWOP

    We are attending SWOP in Shanghai from Monday, 25. November to Thursday, 28. November 2019. Our main produce is BOPP packing tape with customized size and printing, we honestly welcome your visiting At the Shanghai New International Expo Centre – SNIEC the international trade fair of the ...
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